The Toolbelt Theory

The teaching method where teachers teach children to adapt to new technologies by giving them the tools to adapt (eg. The ability to observe new technologies to figure out how they work without consulting an instruction manual).

The Toolbelt Theory makes me think about how before trains people lived in small villiages because that is as far as they could travel, the technology wasn’t there to support them. However when trains were implemented in pre-industrial England, people started socialising and traveling with other villages. The technology assisted their ability to function in what was a fast paced world, but they would not have been able to use the technology unless someone taught them how to buy a ticket, and their observation of train etiquette. This is a great metaphor for learning and I see this way of teaching/ learning becoming more prominent as our technological future becomes increasingly uncertain.

Children need teachers to teach them the tools of intuitive, and to be spontaneously thinking on their feet. Technologies are changing every day now, and we have no idea what our children, or our children’s children will be dealing with in their professional lives. Therefore it is imperative to keep up with the latest technologies whilst teaching children the skills of observation of new technologies to help them master their use.

(see for more info on the Toolbelt Thoery)


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