Theories I have heard of before

1. The Bystander Effect Theory

The Bystander effect theory states that the more people that are known to be within a square kilometre, the less likely anyone will help a person in need/danger, even if they are screaming “help me”. This is because people assume that someone else will help the person in need. If a person is in need/ danger on a farm, they are more likely to be helped by another if they call as it is a known fact that another person is unlikely to also come across this person in need/danger. 

This is imperative to introduce to children, as it is less likely to happen if the general population know that it is a valid social effect. 

I like this theory, as the night before I learnt about it, I was watching CSI and the theory made sense within the context of the CSI episode. 

I know this theory so well that I described the above definition of the Bystander Effect from memory. 

2. PKM – Personal Knowledge Management

Personal knowledge Management is a modern method of organising information learnt regarding a particular topic. It involves collating posts, being vigilant about reading and keeping up to date with the latest information available on social media or scholary website, reflecting on its validity, and then forming ones own opinion based on the new knowledge acquired. 

This theory is great to introduce to students, perhaps more through practice (i.e. teaching children to use social media, and to use cameras, books, and google to form their PKM’s) than through theory. It is relevant to the technological century we are living in and will be a vital skill throughout their education. 

I am having trouble appreciating this theory as I only read about it an hour ago and I am still trying to get my head around it. I also haven’t heard of anything like it before, so I have nothing to base my new knowledge on. 


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