Children are ICT Sponges

I watched this you tube video today, and I found it interesting to know how much the world has changed due to the opportunities various information technologies have brought. I mean, this video was made in 2007, if it were to be made again now, I just wonder what it would say now. With a large percentage of the worlds population on Facebook, computers available in many schools, even in third world countries and the four year olds in my care having the capability to use computers, ipads, digital cameras, etc. The four year olds in my care have the complete discourse of ICTs as well – they seem to have naturally absorbed the culture of ICTs which have evolved in our society.

I had someone speak with me today after I set out an activity for the children at my service, saying that the children would not be capable of this ICT activity. “What, if they can do this, then they can go to university next year?”, she joked as I explained to her the activity I wanted her to engage the children in. Little did she realise how clever children are – they have grown up surrounded by ICT’s and their capabilities extend beyond their Grandparents’. Children can adapt to any challenge if you give them the confidence, support and opportunity.

Therefore, it is more important than before that we teach for tomorrow, and teach children not only how to use current ICT’s, but teach them how to adapt to new ICT’s.


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