Children of Today are Neglecting thier Social Responsibilities


I was reading a blog post titled ‘Technology Effects on Child Development’, and the video in this post made me very victorious about the rise of technologies in the past thirty years. The author of this blog was posing the question – ‘so are the rise of technologies making children of today neglect their social responsibilities’. The video the author cited was very negative, arguing that technologies lead to children who can’t spell, who are unable to interact socially and who are reliant on technology. All of these things are leading to the rise of depression and loneliness, apparently. Maybe this is a cohort effect of sorts, but I view it as someone who is pessimistic and scared about ICT’s and their AMAZING capabilities and is finding any reason to argue that they are the worst thing to happen to civilization.

I believe however, that ICT’s are the BEST thing to happen. So children rely on spell check.. if ICT is the way of the future – they why do they need to be able to spell perfectly? That skill won’t be required in their lifetime.

So, children are using technology instead of interacting socially. Perhaps they do in their leisure time. We still educate and work in social spheres, and a small percentage of people may work in isolation, but this is their choice, an aspect of their personality. What gives us the right to judge them? Social etiquette is just more complex now – it involves online / ICT etiquette AND face to face etiquette. The children of today are mastering more than their ancestors ever did in a very short amount of time.

As far as dependency is concerned – we are not becoming dependent on technology. The skills that need to be taught to overcome the fast rate of changing technology means that children are taught skills to adapt, take initiative and find a solution independently of an instruction manual. Doesn’t that mean children are more complex, clever creatures than those before?

I could rant about this all day. However I think I have far exceeded my 100 words. What do you think?


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