IPads in Classrooms – the good


This is an article why you shouldn’t have IPads in classrooms – I, however, think they have value in their existence in the early childhood classroom at least to familiarize children with the technology, say for instance if they didn’t have this technology at home. Albeit most of the children in my care coming from an upper middle class family. IPads may extend their knowledge, with the vast availability of early childhood educational apps. Some are great others are not so good.

Additionally iPads are fantastic devices for research. In early childhood classrooms iPads are valued resources as they have google and other encyclopedia apps, wikipedia etc. that allow for project based hypothesis investigations and inquiries to easily extend to the world wide web. Whilst I would not advocate an entire ICT programme based on the iPad, an aspect is certainly important, especially to introduce and scaffold the nature of research using ICT based databases (i.e. search engines using topic words). At the early childhood level there is no expectation that children will do this independently (however if they do then this is fantastic.), but the iPad easily brings the internet into the early childhood classroom.


One thought on “IPads in Classrooms – the good

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