In reply … Attachment Theory

I was reading the beautiful blog of Roslyne Francis and a post about theories she has and has not heard of before.

I wanted to specifically talk about Attachment Thoery. In my first degree I studied psychology and Attachment Theory by John Bowlby was one of my faviourite. It explains the link between parent and child and how important this is to the future development of the child. My Mum was saying how before the theory of attachment, young boys we not cuddled or nurtured as this was seen as interrupting the development of their masculinity. According to Bowlby, however, this was doing the opposite. I think this theory is a beautiful representation of human nature and our ability to care for one another.

I see this theory still having its effects in the early childhood classroom. Many educators say that you shouldn’t cuddle the children if they hurt themselves – this is not professional. However I disagree, I can’t see why not. I understand discouraging a child following an educator around hanging off them, because this minimizes the learning through play that they could engage in. Additionally, a child needs to invite the attachment, before an educator acts on it – as this is the child’s right. Albeit this, I think that a cuddle a day allows children to become connected, confident, wholesome social beings. As Bowlby’s theory states. I also believe this as I like to form a positive relationship with the children especially if they are the type of person that needs touch to connect with another person. A close educator – student relationship allows for greater connection during scaffolding of learning. Therefore, I believe in attachment theory and everything it encourages.



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