Decoding Learning

Innovations in learning according to this website details ways that students or people in general learn and the applications of these in the classroom through the use of ICT. I thought I would think of my own examples in an early childhood context as this context is often overlooked in the literature when it comes to ICT.

Learning from experts

Using a website like Khan Academy to teach children who wish to extend themselves (especially at the end of the preschool year – you often have quite a disparity across readiness for kindergarten).

Learning with others

Designing a block construction using KidPix or similar with another.

Learning through making

Making a video using iMovie or similar using a digital camera with technological help from their educator.

Learning through exploring

Exploring their environment using a digital camera to document their favorite/ most interesting objects/ experiences inthe classroom and provide a quote with each.

Learning through inquiry

Using a floor-book students make a mind map with questions surrounding snakes after watching a documentary in snakes by Steve Irwin. Students use Google with their educator to answer these questions and answer in the floor-book. 

Learning through practicing

A student films another student on the iPad singing a rhyme that they are trying to memorize, re-watch and use reflective practice to correct lyrical faults and improve the projection of their voice.

Learning from assessment

Students look at videos on the iPad of things they thought about snakes before they watched the You Tube video and started the ‘Snake Research Project’. They reflect on how much they learnt.

Learning in and across settings

Students use the accessibility and mobility of an iPad to record different sounds they hear on their bush walk – what are the animals and their different sounds?


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