SAMR Model

ICT in the classroom has changed over the years to keep up with the latest technological changes. Many are skeptical with the usefulness of this – is the ICT there primarily to introduce children to new technologies so they will be able to use them in their futures? Or are they there to transform their learning? As far as I can gather, the SAMR model illustrates theoretical methodology towards this type of thinking. The way this model works is that it makes comparisons and categories from old technology to new – on the basis of function and design.

The SAMR Model has four categories-

Substitution- ICT replaces a previous resource in the classroom without changing it’s function. (e.g. blackboard and chalk replaced with whiteboard and whiteboard marker)

Augmentation- Direct substitute with functional improvement (e.g. whiteboard replaced by smart board – more uses -incl. same use as before)

Modification- Significant redesign of resource (e.g. encyclopedia books to google scholar)

Redefinition- Complete overhaul of design and function (e.g. drawing pictures to taking digital photos and manipulating them using photo-shop)

What do you think – I couldn’t even think of examples for all as I don’t really see technology changing function of items in the classroom all that often.


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