I was reading this blog today (http://nixxuni.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/times-are-changing/) when I came across this article about ICT’s that will become non-existent by 2020 (http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2011/03/21-things-that-will-be-obsolete-by-2020/).


This post really excites me as there are many great things on the horizon – like no desks by 2020 – ICT’s will be so mobile that students will be able to flow between different learning areas with ease – no more ‘command style’ teaching like the baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y experienced. This is great and I am excited to be a teacher in this time of change.

The other exciting thing is the organization of educational services by grade – children will be able to learn at the capacity they are capable of – no longer will there be ‘gifted’ and ‘special needs’ rather there will be a group of people who are developmentally able at the level they are at. Will there be social implications for this? For the better I say, I think there is too much ageism in our contemporary world and this sort of school system should be able to change that.

Additionally the EYLF and the NQF will be in full force by 2020… very exciting indeed.


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