Don’t take me to IKEA.

I was reading Sonia’s blog post ( about problem solving in ICT, and I completely agree. It is VERY frustrating sometimes when one cannot work out how to use a new technology.

Last week I bought a professional SLR camera for my fashion/photography blog, and it had an instruction manual that was at least two finger widths long! I hate instruction manuals, so my preferred style of working out function is through trial and error. However this is difficult on a camera such as this – there are so many different toggles and functions – aperture, shutter speed, zoom, stability, filters, flash style, etc etc. Naturally I was having difficulty working out all the features though trail and error (luckily Callum is an instruction manual sort of person and read through it for me and then taught me how to use it). It raised the question for me about how instruction manuals are not always being included with new technology – as they assume that individuals will be able to trial and error their way around the technology (e.g. any apple product).

I think when we teach our children we need to do it in a way that they have the skills of both trial and error AND reading instruction manuals – the patience required is a skill that should and could be taught in the classroom. I certainly wish I was taught to have the patience to read long specific documents in depth (don’t take me to IKEA).


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