Internet Security, Part A

The other evening I was watching 7.30 on the ABC network and they had a segment about internet security and how much we are watched in our everyday lives without realizing. Traffic lights monitoring the movements of motorists and pedestrians through bluetooth, cookies sending information about our ‘likes’ on Facebook and monitoring our emails in other countries. Internet security specialists being able to track our every move if they felt so obliged (i.e. if they suspected us for something). Even with privacy settings on Facebook, Tumblr etc. we can be tracked if the government, or less trustworthy thieves could find out vital information we may have not wanted to share. Even emails can be accessed. The scariest part about this all is that if information is accessed, or websites are owned and based outside of Australia, Australian Internet Security Laws cannot protect us, nor can American or British Internet Security Laws – our information on the internet, as obscure or detailed as it may be- can be accessed. 

How do you feel about this? It is very daunting to think this could happen to anyone who shares anything on the internet or simply owns a smart phone. How do we educate our children about this? Are children old enough to make a judgement call about what information is appropriate for sharing on the internet?


One thought on “Internet Security, Part A

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