Internet Security – Part B

After reading my previous blog post ( it made  me think about the applications of educating children about this reality of shared information without our knowledge or permission. The thing with teaching children about internet security is, are they old enough to make judgements about what they should or shouldn’t want on the internet. Essentially the question we should be asking ourselves is, do we want this information to be public, for the rest of our lives, and beyond! It is a really interesting question because the reality is, if someone felt so obliged they could find out a lot of information about a person if they wanted to, and had the knowledge on how to do this. All of a sudden I feel like I live in a multifaceted, extra large form of ‘The Truman Show’, or ‘Big Brother’!

This raises a few questions for me – should we be monitoring our children’s use of the internet, banning the internet for anyone under eighteen, or adapt our internet in Australia so we cannot access overseas websites so then the Australian Internet Security Laws can protect us? The latter two would make me feel like I am living in a communist state, without the freedom I deserve of being an Australian. The former would be difficult to implement nation wide. I’m not sure anyone has the answer to this question. For now, all we can do as educators is discuss these issues with students and try to give them examples that are relevant to their lives today, so hopefully, they will think twice about posting embarrassing, identifying, honest information on the internet.

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