Reflection on ICT use in the Classroom

I was reading Helen White’s blog post about ICT use in the classroom and how it makes teaching a lot easier ( This is great, I love the opportunities ICT provides to Australian students, however I also believe it should not take over the classroom environment. I believe it is entirely pessimistic and backward to say that ICT does not have a place in the classroom. In the preschool I work in, we recently bought a SmartBoard, and invested in an iPad for each teacher in the centre. I don’t have an iPad myself as I am just the ASC Co-Ordinator, but the teachers have been raving about the possibilities and ease of which documentation can be made in just a simple process of taking a photo on the iPad, adding a quote and relevant learning outcomes, attaching it to an iPad app that is designed for use by preschools, tagging the students involved and the class name, and ‘send’. The documentation is then sent to the relevant parents email and put on the blog of the class. As far as cutting out photos, writing quotes and making individual portfolios (at some schools these resemble coffee table books!) using an iPad saves on time for the early childhood teacher very much.

However, what about the children? The smart board has made a significant difference to children’s interest in group times as they can be more interactive now, as there is another method of communication. So, all in all technology has made a significant difference to the education of children in our classrooms.


One thought on “Reflection on ICT use in the Classroom

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