Digital Footprint, Part B

The worst part of a digital footprint from social medias, is if a pre-service teacher takes part in university social life, and photos end up on the internet, the teacher could be scrutinized or suspended or fired later on for these photos if they fall into the wrong hands. It seems unfair since people in other professions don’t have to put up with this scrutiny. However I am sure that every single individual has a crazy wild photo from a night out during their youth. I just looked at my own ‘facebook tagged photo count’, and I am up to 3,500 photos in the last six years. A lot of these are from my formative adult years where there are a few photos that I would prefer not fall in the wrong hands. They are not too bad, just me holding a beer at a nightclub, but it could be taken in the wrong way. I am lucky as I am an early childhood educator, my students will not be too interested in my pictures, however my parents might be. This could especially become an issue if for one reason or another I am wrongly accused of discouraging or disadvantaging a student and their parents try to build a legal case against me and the school, and use one of these pictures. At what point are these pictures my (or my friend who tagged me) property, or is it a free for all? This is a scary prospect as it could affect any teacher at any time, as parents don’t always see eye to eye with their child’s educator. I wonder if the implications of this will become more serious in the future, or if the Australian Law will endeavor to protect teachers from personal information being used in a professional sphere.


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