Being Critical in ICT’s

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Being Critical in a world of  ICT. There is so much information on the internet how are we to know what is legitimate and what is not? This is one of the most vital skills we need to teach children – how to criticize and analyze the information they read on the internet. Did they really win one million dollars ? Probably not.

I think the best thing here is to explain that ANY information one reads – be it print digital or in a scientific journal, needs to be read critically, as you would teach them when analyzing media. At the end of the day ‘references’ are not reliable enough – the student needs to learn to look at who paid for the information to be produced (i.e. is a yoghurt company paying to release information about how healthy eating six yoghurts daily are for you), who wrote the article (an academic or Johnno from FlagMag?), and who published the information (Dolly Magazine or The Australasian Journal of Early Childhood). Even more than that one must examine the information regarding how the information was obtained – a research project, observations, or maybe a scientific investigation? Was the study about early childhood students in Australia with data collected from ten students in a small community in rural Northern Territory? Does that really represent the entirety of Australian early childhood students? Probably not.

I hope this post has made you realise what you read and the importance of not only teaching children to analyze what they read, but analyzing what YOU read.



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