Assignment Three


Crystal has blogged about everyone’s favorite part about studying – Assignments! An imposing assignment is coming up in the near future and it is ‘Assignment Three’. I am not sure about students in other majors, but I am very relieved. In my past prac subjects, I have had to type up observations, reflections, lessons, lesson reflections, unit plans, etc etc etc, the document usually totals about 25,000 words. So this assignment the fact that I *only* have to submit lesson plans, lesson journals and evaluations is amazing – I am looking forward to that very much!

Assignment three is off my radar at the moment though, as everyone else in EDC3100 is starting prac now, I don’t start for another three weeks after everyone is finished, due to the fact I run a Holiday programme and I cannot take time off during the holidays! So I am starting on the 14th October. I have several other assignments to start and finish before that, HPE, science and general science course work (all the other subjects I have finished all the coursework). It is now time for me to get organized.. yay!


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