Augmented Reality

I just had the pleasure of reading Wendy’s post about Augmented Reality. ( Augmented reality is where an individual is able to see a physical object in front of them, then they either put on glasses/ put a tablet in-front of the object and the objects comes ‘alive’. There are a few Applications on the Apple Store that already do this – if you want to try it out ‘Track My Maccas’ is a free one, which, when hovered over McDonald’s packaging shows the farm where the meat in the item came from. At MONA Museum in Hobart, they are starting to integrate this technology into their iPod directory/information system that every visitor gets.


As far as Education is concerned, as Wendy says, there are many possibilities! If students go to a museum, they can see the art come to life, and learn about the context in which the art was produced. If students are reading about Captain’s Cook landing they can see it animated and click on information that they are finding very interesting.

As to whether this will make learning more interactive and therefore more effective, probably not, essentially it is just as effective as showing a video to your students. However, the individual aspect of it, i.e. individuals delving into parts of an image which interest them would be something that would be beneficial for education. Additionally, due to multiple intelligences of students by Gardner, students learn in many different ways. Some students may find this way of object interaction particularly helpful to their learning process. 


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