Graduation for the Nation

I cannot believe the day has come – I have found out I am *actually* graduating my bachelors degree. It’s funny now it’s all over and achieved, I reflect on my time at USQ as “oh yeah, that was a piece of cake”. But it wasn’t actually. It was challenging! But as they (someone influential and quotable) say, nothing worth doing is easy. And a challenge always looks like a mountain when the path is ahead, and a molehill in hindsight, when the thing becomes achieved. 

I am also in an incredibly lucky and fortunate situation where I have managed to find a full time teaching position in 2016 at the school I completed my internship at. Even though I have known for some time about this I still question the reality of it. Simply because it is so hard to find work, let alone full time work as a graduate teacher. I am so fortunate. 

Knowing what lies ahead of me come a time to make new goals for myself as the goals that have dominated the last eight years of my life how now become reality. Next year I would like to: 

  • Build my confidence in the classroom
  • Provide a curriculum that fosters each individual for who they are and ultilisrs their interests and abilities. (This always sounds arbitrary if not in context) 
  • Collaborate with educators, learn from their experience, build new ideas 
  • Have fun with the kids. 

Personally I would like to enjoy my weekends and holidays more. Seven years of full time study means that I haven’t had much free time in the last 8 years. 

I’ll keep you updated!


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