Birthday chart ideas 

I am looking for a birthday display which: 

  • Connects with the children and makes them feel like they belong 
  • Can we viewed and understood by children at all times. 
  • Can be comprehended by adults and children alike. 

Which of these would you choose ? 


My First Classroom 

This year I’ll be teaching prekindergarten. I am so excited and I still can’t really believe I have achieved this goal. 

When designing the layout of the room it was important to me to start fresh – all displays (apart from the vital displays, eg evacuation and IB mission statement etc) are to me made by the children where possible and most certainly with. For example, in primary years programme we aim to create an internationally minded person in our children, and in doing so encourage “learner profiles” such as ‘inquirer’, ‘caring’ and ‘principled’. These learner profiles are so central to the language we use daily our displays should be created by the children to demonstrate their understanding of what a caring person is. 

Another aspect that was important to me was natural light. I wanted to make sure that I could use it as much as possible and sorted furniture so that the light flowed. 

I also beleive that having displays and toys etc at the child’s eye height is important. No point raising it up high where they cannot see or reach it. 

I’m sure the classroom will evolve throughout the year, and I’ll keep you posted 🙂