Shape cooking activity (would lead to!)


Shape Walk

Shapes – simple

Hexagon Dinosaur Song

What Shape is it Game – only watch the first four minutes.



Twenty Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!

Great Vid



Fun Facts


Types of Monkeys – read out predictions students discussed the day before.

Types of Monkeys

Where Monkies Live: – read out predictions students discussed the day before.

What do monkeys eat? – read out predictions students discussed the day before.

Do the students have any questions about Monkeys?

Birthday chart ideas 

I am looking for a birthday display which: 

  • Connects with the children and makes them feel like they belong 
  • Can we viewed and understood by children at all times. 
  • Can be comprehended by adults and children alike. 

Which of these would you choose ? 

My First Classroom 

This year I’ll be teaching prekindergarten. I am so excited and I still can’t really believe I have achieved this goal. 

When designing the layout of the room it was important to me to start fresh – all displays (apart from the vital displays, eg evacuation and IB mission statement etc) are to me made by the children where possible and most certainly with. For example, in primary years programme we aim to create an internationally minded person in our children, and in doing so encourage “learner profiles” such as ‘inquirer’, ‘caring’ and ‘principled’. These learner profiles are so central to the language we use daily our displays should be created by the children to demonstrate their understanding of what a caring person is. 

Another aspect that was important to me was natural light. I wanted to make sure that I could use it as much as possible and sorted furniture so that the light flowed. 

I also beleive that having displays and toys etc at the child’s eye height is important. No point raising it up high where they cannot see or reach it. 

I’m sure the classroom will evolve throughout the year, and I’ll keep you posted 🙂 

This is why I feel fortunate 

On average, it takes five years after university for Gen Y’s to find full time work
FIVE YEARS. This is insane! My thoughts are that it does not take a teacher quite as long (perhaps a year or two of relief teaching and short term contracts), but still it’s pretty terrible considering most people have to study an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree to be considered in the job market. 

I have many friends with masters, honours, incredible academic accolades – and they can’t find work. Either the work they find does not support their interests, it’s not full time, it’s casual, the pay is terrible, or its completely irrelevant to their career path. I always feel like the older generations like to have their say about Gen Y. “Oh they are the want all generation.”, “they see it, they want it straight away”. From their perspective perhaps this is the case, many gen Y’s have the latest iPhone, many have stylish clothing and a nice car. If they have been able to afford a house, they have a nice place. Yes. This might be the case. BUT. Do you know how hard Gen Y had to work to achieve these goals? Many of our parents didn’t have to attend university whilst working almost full time to support themselves. They went out there, looked for a job, gained work experience and practical work related knowledge whilst on the job. Can we do that? No. 

Now days, to become a nurse, a police man, a public servant, one must study a degree/ diploma that details the theory behind these professions. But does it detail the actual skills ? No, not really. We enter the work force feeling prepared as we have so much theoretical knowledge but minimal skills. However, we are not prepared – as we lack the practical skills which employers value. The smarter types of Gen Y-ers go and find work during their degree in the field they want to work to gain practical skills for when they apply for jobs when they graduate. Myself, for example, worked in preschools and in after school care for eight years in many different capacities to work towards this moment of graduation and job hunting. And I had to be a Director of a Childcare regulated service to actually be successful in the job hunt – I know many graduate teachers who had very admirable jobs during their study such as school/ OSHC assistants, OSHC coordinators, coaches, tutors etc., but they are not finding work easily albeit their skill set and practical experience. 

Perhaps there are other factors that come into play. Confidence. That’s a big factor. I was taking to one of my assistants about her job applications, and I asked if she was applying to teach at the school we work at. I’m currently employed at an independent Anglican school in Canberra. She said, “they never employ graduate teachers here”. I was sad to hear that she had resigned herself as unable to become employed at this school. I’m of the mindset that you have to try, or you’ll never know. For the record – I broke her rule. Perhaps that’s what more Gen Y’s need. Rather than a sense of entitlement, a real, genuine sense of confidence. 

Teacher Diary for 2016

I know this is super keen of me but I’m already excited for my 2016 teacher diary. There’s so many great options out there. I’m 120% sure my school will provide me with a diary in 2016, but I want one of the ones that give you hot teacher tips and has opportunities for planning and guided reflection in line wihh there national quality standard (nerd alert). 

Below are a few that look rad – 
ITC early years edition 


Inspired EC 

(I want this one- I had it this year in my role as a nominated supervisor for a OSHC service, and it was awesome! When we had our assessment and rating visit, I scanned reflections from the diary which I had done periodically throughout the year and it was great evidence for best practice for many of the areas.) $52
Early Childhood Australia 

Hmmmm… Does anyone else know of other planners that are decent ? 

Graduation for the Nation

I cannot believe the day has come – I have found out I am *actually* graduating my bachelors degree. It’s funny now it’s all over and achieved, I reflect on my time at USQ as “oh yeah, that was a piece of cake”. But it wasn’t actually. It was challenging! But as they (someone influential and quotable) say, nothing worth doing is easy. And a challenge always looks like a mountain when the path is ahead, and a molehill in hindsight, when the thing becomes achieved. 

I am also in an incredibly lucky and fortunate situation where I have managed to find a full time teaching position in 2016 at the school I completed my internship at. Even though I have known for some time about this I still question the reality of it. Simply because it is so hard to find work, let alone full time work as a graduate teacher. I am so fortunate. 

Knowing what lies ahead of me come a time to make new goals for myself as the goals that have dominated the last eight years of my life how now become reality. Next year I would like to: 

  • Build my confidence in the classroom
  • Provide a curriculum that fosters each individual for who they are and ultilisrs their interests and abilities. (This always sounds arbitrary if not in context) 
  • Collaborate with educators, learn from their experience, build new ideas 
  • Have fun with the kids. 

Personally I would like to enjoy my weekends and holidays more. Seven years of full time study means that I haven’t had much free time in the last 8 years. 

I’ll keep you updated!