Videos for Morning Session



Deli Sausage (Salami)


Chocolate – Cocoa Beans – start at 2:12

Chocolate – In the factory


What are Verbs?

What are Adverbs?

Let’s make a sentence with a verb and an adverb!

For example, Johnny walked gracefully to the hall.

Which word is the verb and which is the adverb?

When we are writing procedures we use verbs a lot. Sometimes we also use adverbs.

For example, Collect three eggs and whisk them in.

‘Collect’ and ‘whisk’ are verbs.

If we changed the sentence to ‘quickly’ collect three eggs and whisk them it might become a bit messy – those eggs could break! Perhaps a different adverb would be better here such as ‘carefully’.

For example, Johnny walked gracefully to the hal

How is food made? Where Does it come from?

Search “how it’s made” on you tube.


What ingredients are there in yoghurt – where do they come from?

Ice Cream – ice cream cones – ice cream

How we could make ice cream –

What ingredients are there in ice-cream? Where do they come from?

What would we do if we wanted to make it chocolate/strawberry/mint? Where do these flavours come from?

Milk –


George The Smartest Giant In Town – editing & specifcially speech mark/ expression activity

1. george was a giant the scruffiest giant in town he always wore the same pair of old brown sandals and the same old patched up gown

2. I wish I wasn’t the scruffiest giant in town, he said sadly. But one day George noticed a new shop. It was full of smart clothes so he bought a smart shirt a smart pair of trousers a smart belt a smart stripey tie some smart socks with diamonds up the sides and a pair of smart shiny shoes.

3. Now im the smartest giant in town he said proudly George left his old clothes behind in the shop

4. he was about to go home when he heard a sound on the pavement stood a giraffe who was sniffing sadly whats the matter asked George.

5. its my neck said the giraffe its so very long and so very cold I wish I had a long warm scarf cheer up said George and he look off his stripy tie it didn’t match my socks anyway he sadly as he wound it round and round the giraffes neck it made a wonderful scarf thankyou said the giraffe as George strode towards home he sang to himself my tie is a scarf for a cold for a cold giraffe but look me up and down im the smartest giant in town George came to a river on a boat stood a goat who was bleating loudly whats the matter asked George


its my sail said the goat it blew away in a storm I wish I had a strong new sail for my boat cheer up said George and he took off his new white shirt

7. it kept coming untucked anyway he said as he tied it to the mast of the goats boat it made a magnificent sail thankyou said the goat.

When You Subtract with a Pirate!

“yo ho ho, you will say”

I made some pirate ships, pirates and ‘the deep dark sea’ to make this video hands on. Photo on 11-08-2015 at 8.07 pm #2

I endeavour (get it, like the Endeavour, as in Captain Cook’s ship?) to ask the children to create/ draw their own pirate ships and pirates and act out the video together as a class. It sounds like a good Thursday/Friday afternoon activity to me!